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Receive a Mediator Referral, up to 5 Mediators

Sometimes, you need to know that you are getting a good mediator. We can provide you a referral to a competent, qualified mediator in your area. Or, if you want a list of 3-5 mediators to show the other party, we can also provide that as well.

All mediators referred by the Mediator Registry have verified their mediation credentials and experience to us.

The cost for this referral service is $75. The benefit of this service to you is that you will receive the names of 1-5 qualified, competent mediators, verified by The Mediator Registry, who practise in the relevant subject area, and are available to perform your mediation.

A special note: if after receiving this list, you select a mediator from this list who is a Low Cost Mediation participant ($450 for the first three hours) you will not be required to pay the $75 referral fee again for this mediation.

After you have paid the $75 below, we will ask further questions to clarify your requirements. You may also contact us at any time.

Number of mediator names required:
Practice area of mediation:
Identifying name of case:
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