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Mediator Insurance

The Mediator Registry is pleased to offer mediator insurance to its upgraded members through the Pinkham Agency. The program is similar to that offered by Pinkham to members of a national mediation association. Features of the program are:

  • Broad Coverage including both dispute resolution work and outside law practice
  • The cost of defense is outside of the limit of liability
  • Punitive damages are covered
  • Personal injury (libel, slander, false arrest is covered)
  • Unauthorized practice of law is covered up to $25,000
  • Worldwide coverage would be available by endorsement
  • Spousal coverage is included in the policy
  • Extended reporting period for 60 days automatically covered. Optional guaranty extended reporting period up to three years for an additional premium

The attached PDF package includes a table which compares this coverage to that offered by Lloyds of London, which also underwrites mediator insurance. Although each quote is provided individually, it's our undertanding that the base rate is in the $250/year range.

The package includes a one-page quick-quote (non-binding) form to get you started. Pinkham is also interested in hearing from non-upgraded members, and groups of mediators.

Mediator Registry Insurance Package

As usual, please let us know how you fare with this.

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